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Keratin straightening by Vitaker Cosmetics

Theory + Practice

Language: English, Russian, Estonian

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Brazilian Keratin Traditional formulation

All hair types: including blonde, bleached and previously relaxed or chemically treated hair

Viure Brazilian Keratin Expertise (Organic Formulation)

Amazing product! Capable of leaving the hair straight without using any chemicals. The Argan formula also treats the hair leaving it shine and incredibly silk.

Hawanny Absolut h2 Brazilian Keratin (Same Day Wash)

This product is a revolution in a Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Free of formaldehyde is 100% safe and it can be applied in any hair type. The best solution for most bleached and damaged hair.

Anti-ageing - "Hair BOTOX"

Specially developed to restore the nutrients that hair can lose over time due to heat styling, including: blow-drying, hair irons, pollution, chemical treatments and other external damage.

SOS ANTI-AGEING PLATINUM - "HairBotox Anti-yellow effect"

The mask was specially developed to treat blonde, bleached, highlighted and grey hair that has been damaged by colouring and chemical processes.

Hydramax Therapy

Dry, dull, brittle, damaged, coloured, fragile and sensitive hair due colouring highlighting and other chemical damages. Can also be used as a preventive treatment, providing hair strength and complete nourishment, as well as preventing hair loss, breakage and split ends.

Hair Reconstruction

Seals and reconstructs fine, fragile and extremely damaged hair due colouring, bleaching and chemical process. Can also be used as a preventive treatment, providing complete strengthening and nourishment.

Viure Whey Protein

Protein Hair Restoration (at the intracellular level). Solves the 5 hair problems: dryness, brittleness, porosity, damaged, lifeless. ​​ The fact that the hair of 65% protein, which is based on amino acids.

Qestions and Answers

WHAT SHAMPOO CAN BE USED AFTER THE PROCEDURE? You should wash your hair only special shampoo (without Sodium Chloride), which will prevent the leaching of nutrients from the hair.


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